Parameters: Edit

Health: 650

Melee Attack: 95

Range Attack: 125

Trivia: Edit

Dimension 3rd Class, the voyager-like mercenary of the confederation's ally, wears a hat that resembles

UF Mercenary Squad (38)

cowboys in America. Meanwhile, he is an expert who masters range assault tactics by four means, the use of incendiary, cryo, paralyzing and toxic ammo rounds. Since his weapon is extremely deadly, he wears face mask for himself as to avoid intoxication. And this voyager travels along different place in various era, like the medieval age from "Under-Siege" and the modern age from "Under-Control", and he is readily to help those desperate one to restore the order of their times, and that is why he is called "Dimension".

Method to Obtain the Squad: Edit

Players can obtain 15 squads of "Dimension 3rd Class" by consuming 25 lock boxes obtained from completing the missions in Special Operations in "Fringe 1" starting from 21st December, 2015 as one time purchase in the Fringe Arsenal. Upon purchase, the squad has already reached maximum level, i.e. level 35. Meanwhile, players can also spend lock-boxes to buy Discovery Cases to get this Squad as random prize.

Abilities: Edit

Elite Mercenaries: Deal increased damage to Swarm monsters, Logo robots and Mutants.

Acid Bullet (Venom): Deal 250 Range Damage over 5 seconds.

Blizzard Cryo-Ammo: Deal 155 Range Damage and freeze them over 5 seconds.

Paralyzing Cartridge: Range attack slows down enemies' motion.

Incendiary Cartridge: Deal 175 Range Damage and burn them over 7 seconds.