Parameters: Edit

Health: 800

Melee Attack: 70

Range Attack: 100

Trivia: Edit

After the Confederation having a fierce fight against the rebelled logos robots, the Confederation modified

UF Mercenary Squad (46)

the Slider into a well-adapted combating agent which provides rapid, mobile but deadly assault in the battle field, they called this modified slider the "Elite Hover". It had clay red color coating, and it free floats in air. Its engine allows itself to enter the battle and support its allies as quickly as possible so it works explicitly with some troopers which have extremely high health that can endure a few seconds of damage. Moreover, this hover had its original Colossus Shield altered to a stronger, tougher power shield that sustain extra high damage over seconds.

Method to Obtain the Squad: Edit

This Squad can be obtained by completing the Lottery Token Missions during the Special Operation "Fringe" as a random prize from discovery case. /OR: Using cordite to buy 1 Squad of Elite Hover in Level 4 Mercenary Base.

Upon obtaining the squad, it has reached maximum level, i.e., level 30, and can no longer be upgraded.

Abilities: Edit

Elite Mercenaries: Deal increased damage to Swarm Monsters, Logos Robots and Mutants.

Energy Shield: Periodically absorbs 800 damage over 5 seconds. Cool down time is 10 seconds.

Emitter: Emits Aura that deal 200% (Range) Attack to surrounding enemies in close quarter combat.