UF Mercenary

Mercenary Squads Edit

In Under-Fire Sci-fi strategy games, there are some special units that you could be rewarded other than obtaining them by means of recruiting them from Tactical Headquarters, Reliquary and Sanctum. Meanwhile, on 23th November, 2015, the updates now enables players to obtain them from a special building, the Mercenary Base, in which the mercenary squads there are one-time and one-squad purchase, and they are updated every 23 hours. Some Mercenary Squads are recruited by credits, while others use Federal Metals and Cordites.

Normally, mercenary squads are divided into light infantry, heavy infantry and storm troop, except there is NO mercenary heroes. There are the five methods to obtain mercenary squads: Buying them as limited offer, finishing the quests from main story, using federal medals to buy them from arsenals in special operations, finishing the expeditions or obtaining them as reward by Captain Luck tokens.

What is more, mercenary squads show various properties: Some are just skilled in killing one type of enemies; Some are normal mercenaries that specialize in killing swarm monsters and logo robots, whilst some are called "Elite Mercenary" that shows exalted status and performance in killing the previous two enemies, and mutants as well. But some are just mercenaries that their appearance resembles to pirates, aliens or even animals, such as the BBQ Pigs (a light infantry of suicidal squad that deals 300 damage).

Using mercenary in combat is a consuming and expensive one as they cannot be recruited again, and they are obtained with different initial, yet, permanent levels, as a result, there is no method to upgrade your mercenary squads. Be aware that their combat abilities are different, some mercenary squads sacrifice instantly without further combating ability, while some have only melee attack damage.

Mercenary (Light Infantry) Edit

3rd Class Tornado Squad

Battle Ambius Gt4

Boarder of 4th Group

Cyber Hound T52


Elite Hover

Emerald Shadow

Kamikaze Pigs Squad


Pyro-kinetic 4th Rank


Scorpio S-4

Silent Guard

Space Wolf

T104 Rocket Squad

Vostok Expeditionary Squad

Mercenary (Heavy Infantry) Edit

3rd Class Bellatrix

4th Class Bellatrix

Adept of Darkness 3rd Grade



Dimension 3rd Class

Ghost Squad

"Gorgon" 3rd class


Heavenly Legion


Ranger of 4th Group

Red Reapers (With Elite Version)


"Zero" Squad 04

Mercenary (Storm Troop) Edit

ACDC-04 Robot Builder

Bison 3



Elite Oracles

Elite Silver Hawks

Grim Reaper 3rd Class

Kallahan Inquisitor

Master of Meditation

Mammoth T63

Mortar Platoon Z-23


Rank 3 Punisher

Strike Team "Kronos-C25"

Strike Team "Ampitrix"

Surian Tigers Mk-4

Technoangel V.3.0


Whirlwind 3rd Rank

4th Siege Squad "Viking"

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