Parameters: Edit

Health: (Ordinary): 255/ (Elite): 850

UF Mercenary Squad (3b)
UF Mercenary Squad (12)

Melee Attack: (Ordinary): 22/ (Elite): 90

Range Attack: (Ordinary): 29/ (Elite): 100

Trivia: Edit

Red Reaper, the loyal warriors and ally of the Confederation, is always ready to serve himself to the battle. He wears a helmet which the face shield is in a shape of the Confederation Star and it glows in the Elite version. And he wears green armor, Red Reaper is a range gun expert that excels powerful damage output and can be amplified when his weapon, the Koptev Machine Gun, is in "Machine Gun Turret" mode and it acts also as defensive shield. When he is exploited, he turns himself as a ruthless, fearless warrior that deals drastically fatal damage to enemies when reckoning.

Method to Obtain the Squad: Edit

Ordinary version of Red Reapers can no longer be obtained after the update of Captain Luck Prizes. But the Elite Version can be obtained in the Cases of Special Operation "Fringe 1" as a random prize. Upon obtaining the Elite Version of Red Reapers, it has reached its maximum level, i.e. level 35 and can no longer be further upgraded.

Abilities: Edit

Bug Killers (Ordinary): Deal increased damage to Swarm monsters

Elite Mercenaries (Elite): Deal increased damage to Swarm monsters, Logos Robots and Mutants

For the Motherland: When health is reduced to 50%, Red Reapers gets 100% movement speed and an additional 44 (Ordinary)/ 180 (Elite) melee damage.

Koptev Machine Gun (MG): Deal 200% range damage over 4 seconds, and it activates a shield that reduces the range damage sustained from enemies by 50%.

Kinetic Shield (Elite Version): Absorbs 425 damage over 10 seconds.