Parameters: Edit

Health: 300 for level 15 Silent Guard / 580 for level 31 Faceless Guard

Melee Attack: 50 for level 15 Silent Guard / 160 for level 31 Faceless Guard

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UF Mercenary Squad (2)

Range Attack: Both Nil

Trivia: Edit

Silent Guard is actually a collection of the light infantry in Reliquary, along with Guard (Primitive form of Gladiator) and Hell Guard, the place where player recruit mecha troopers. Silent Guard wears an uniform which resembles much with normal guard, except for the helmet. Silent guard's helmet is suited with some advanced holographic vision and real-time battling intelligence interface that illuminates in blue lights. They charge and advance fearlessly where their enemies wait ahead. However, Silent Guard is not a specialist in gun or other range weapons, as evidence by its zero damage in melee attack.

Method to Obtain the Squad: Edit

Players can obtain it as the prize by using Captain Luck Tokens, and the maximum level is reached for the Silent Guard with level 15. Meanwhile, another advanced version of Silent Guard, the Faceless Guard, can be obtained by purchasing it as limited time offer, and its maximum level is extended to level 31.

Abilities: Edit

(Silent Guard ONLY) Robot Killer: Deal increased damage to logo robots

(Faceless Guard ONLY) Mercenary: Deal increased damage to swarm monsters and logo robots.

(Piercing Strike): Pierce through the enemies, and dealing damage to the unit standing behind.

(Crescent of Death): Deal 75 (Silent Guard) OR 240 (Faceless Guard) to all the enemies in front.

(Electro-Magnetic Field Generator): Blocks 50% from Range damage.