Unit Health Melee Range
Cyber-5 (Heavy Infantry) 215 19 21
(Bug Killer, Armor-piercing bullets, Self-destruction)
Galadur Ghosts (Light Infantry) 95 7 15
(Bug Killer, First Aid Kit)
Confederate Special Forces (Heavy Infantry) 180 12 14
(Bug Killer, Rail Shotgun, Shield)
Kamikaze Pig Squad (Light Infantry) 300 300 0
Read Reapers (Heavy Infantry) 235 17 29
(Bug Killer, For the Motherland!, Koptev MG)
Tarantula (Stormtroops) Level 30 1600 120 0
(Leviathan,Fire Strike, Kinetic Shield)
Hell Guards (Light Infantry) Level 7 238 27 25
(Assassin of Robots, Purifying Flame)

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